Best Friends? Go Fuck Yourself Cunt

By micaelacamp micaelacamp on 1/9/2013 9:45 AM in category: People
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Best Friends? Go Fuck Yourself Cunt
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So there was this girl. Her name was Brooke. She acted like she was my best friend.
There was a problem about Brooke though, she would do/sell ANYTHING for money.
So anyways, I'm in foster care (bullshit right? 15 by the way) and I moved away without anyone knowing. My $450 camera was at her house. I asked her to take care of it until New Years...she agreed.
Being my "best friend" and all you think she wouldn't steal it right? FUCKING WRONG.
This stupid asian bimbo fat cunt sold my camera in a fucking pawn shop...just so she could have weed and booze for New Years.
Well, I've learned that you can't trust anyone.
She's a stupid cunt. I know this rant was useless but, it had to be heard somewhere.
Fuck you brooke...stupid skank. >_>

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