Chivalry is dead...and women killed it

By Ranty Ranty on 7/6/2013 11:05 AM in category: People
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*Note this is not about all women, only a handful of them. This might cause a stir but please women look at it from the male perspective*

Why is it when you do anything nice for a women these days they instantly think you are flirting? Like really? I'm not even interested to you I'm just trying to be nice holding a door for you, helping you pick something up, or anything small like that. I really don't need your comment of "Na not interested." Did I even ask you for a date? Hell no!

I'm trying to piece together where this all comes from because it has happened more then once to me. Maybe the women here are just so much of damaged goods (Having mental problems or past trauma's) that they can't think men can treat them right without expecting something in return?

Now I'm all for feminism, women should be treated like men, and men just like women, but with all due respect; WOMEN ABUSE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS. How many times have you seen a women walk over and slap a guy in the face, say something obscenely rude, or act like a slut, for a man to stand up to them and immediately become the bad guy. I remember one time I seen a man getting attacked by a fat chick (yes it matters that they are fat in this particular situation.) trying to box him against a wall and slap him and all he did was just move her out of the way, grabbing one of her hands so she could stop hitting him. All of a sudden people were like "OMG WOMEN BEATER, THATS WRONG, CANT TOUCH A WOMEN!". Like does self defense all go out the window? Really? Equality for fuck sake. You never hear this when a man attacks another man "Oh men are supposed to fight :)". Really? What if one has cancer? What if one is frail? What if one doesn't want to fight? Kinda fucking stupid no one can just talk these things out these days. Getting back on topic same goes for insults, can't call a women: fat, a cunt, a bitch, a hoe, a whore, a skank, a dits, or anything else because if you do it's a sexist or mean comment, but if they do it to a male it's all fine. I just find this oxymoron of wanting equality then abusing and wanting to cling onto the past higher level beliefs women have and they do have allot things better then males do, I will go on a limb and say this (Besides child birth which is pretty painful from what I understand.).

What I hate is when women identify themselves as being "a bitch." Do you know how demeaning and demoralizing that is to yourself? You are saying you are as worthless as a dog, and then you get upset when treated as such. You purposely do things to put on this "bitch" persona, trying to act rude as possible, wearing it on your clothing, it's telling people what to expect of you. What has happened to standing out for the goodness of ones personality and not just trying to perceive your own self based around what you think is edgy or would make you seem cool? All I'm saying is if you act and dress a certain way don't be surprised when you are treated as such (This is regarding wearing demeaning clothing with insults of yourself on them, you can wear whatever you want I don't really care but realize "if you dress like a cop, people will think that your a cop" scenarios are true to fact). Your male friends you do have obviously have some reason to be around you and it sure as hell is not your personality.

"Well all men are dicks to us anyways." Which men? Seriously you have probably read this a million times, here's the million and first "MR RIGHT IS THE GUY WHO IS ALWAYS NICE TO YOU THAT YOU FRIENDZONE". If all your male friends treat you like this, then find new male friends.

"Yeah I acted like a bitch because it was my time of the month." AND?! Read previous post, apologize for it, own up to being in a bitchy mood. Men don't know that off hand; Women don't have flashing lights above their heads that alert men to this fact. So if you are already feeling argumentative and in a bad mood why use it as a excuse to go off on someone. That would be like someone having stubbed their toe so they call up someone and wish that they would die. Seriously if you can't even handle being around people due to your menstrual cycle, get some ice cream, chill out alone in your room and you can reacquaint yourself with society once your aunt flow leaves. I mean I understand having bad days, being in pain, but goddamn if it makes you that much of little pissy thing, then just avoid people and go about your day as such.

"I'm such a rebel I have to act like a bitch, I'm just like one of the guys." That's all good and fine what your beliefs are, and having friends of the opposite gender is always good, diversity and all, but going back to what I said earlier, you will be seen and treated as such so don't be surprised. At no point does rebelling mean having to act like a cunt (yes I said the no-no word.). You know why most "rebels" are popular with the guys, because they are fun to be around! They don't seem like a burden all because they were brought by one guy, they are not a annoyance, they are not the one we all try to leave behind for obvious reasons (I know this sounds mean, but imagine someone who is not just a downer, but would go after you for any little thing, thinking its humorous.).

Now I am a bit of a gentleman, I treat women with the up most respect whether I like them or not but don't be surprised if you act this way and get more then someone giving you a dirty look.

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Posted on: 7/9/2013 5:38 PM
oh yeah, don't even get me started.
Agrees Agrees
Posted on: 7/8/2013 8:45 PM
Thank you Disasterpiece515. Some ladies are just unbearable aren't they?
Posted on: 7/7/2013 11:58 PM
I love this rant. Because you cover a lot of detail and it is all absolute truth. and I know chicks like this, and I thought of them as I read it.