Driving me fucking insane

By The-Never-Ending-Why The-Never-Ending-Why on 10/1/2010 11:09 AM in category: People
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Driving me fucking insane
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So I've been in a relationship with this guy for seven months. I love him, he loves me, no doubt there. However there are these little things about him that make me wonder why I haven't gone lesbian instead. For instance, he's raked up a large debt to his name before I met him. I'm talking more than ten grand debt. He pays off a little every week but not much. His sister (that he lives with) sucks him dry of almost every dime he has so he can't afford anything between her and the debt. She even has her own fucking key card to his account. Now money and material things don't really interest me, but when I have to fork out my cash every single time we go out it gets just a little irritating.

There has been a few times where he came into a lot of money from different government things too help him with rent and his debt. It was all spent on his sister. She went and got some peircings for her and her friends bought booze and some hair styling products. Not a cent of it went to him. What I wanna know is why the fuck he lets her do this. He reckons he owes it to her for looking out for him when he had no where to go but she takes it too fucking far. She even tries charging me rent when I see him for a couple days. There is so much more I could rant about but it is very late and I am starting to get tired. I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else would put up with this bullshit or is she really just a money hungry wench.

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Posted on: 3/13/2011 1:46 AM
she is a money hungry wench but i would forgo drawing conclusions until i know the whole story. seriously, he probably loves his sister a lot (like a sibling thing) and is willing to do quite a bit for her, if you have a problem with it then tell him, but do it knowing that you will probably never change him. he has to see what is happening, how it is wrong, and how it should be right and even then you have to deal with man's infamous ability to just put up with shit.