Where the hell is my boyfriend?!?!?

By Smmiitthh Smmiitthh on 6/7/2013 9:51 PM in category: People
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All of my friends have their boyfriends and never feel the need to bother with me anymore, i constantly make plans with them, a good week in advance too so i know i get to them first, and the day we are suppose to hang out they always, and i mean ALWAYS, say "sorry danny came here so im going to hang out with him instead" .. thats cool no i didnt want to hang out with you at all. I understand when you first date someone you spend almost every minute with them, but when your 7 months into the realation ship i think its time to chill out with seeing him EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

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Posted on: 6/8/2013 10:16 PM
That pisses me the hell off, aha. I have been in a relationship for 2 years, and there is no way I would ever do that to my friends. Itll just be funny when they get even more into their relationahip and get lonley as hell, and NOBODY wants to talk to their ass, because they were ditching all their friends. Ive seen so many people in long term relationships bitch because they have no friends. its like, YOU FUCKING DITCHED ME, WHY AM I GOING TO TALK TO YOUR ASS A YEAR LATER LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED? Lol